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"Kellie was an absolute godsend for our family. There honestly wasn't a time, day or night, that she wasn't there with patience and support! I am a firm believer that there is nothing more perfect than a well rested baby and Kellie helped us achieve that quickly! Goodbye sleepless nights!"

Kasey, IL

"I am so impressed with her services. We started off with a zoom call that I provided information over. Kellie then provided different sleep plans, my husband and I picked the best one. After that, she then made sure to see how things were going and was available by text for any questions or concerns I had. My son at 15 months has went from waking up for 2-3 hours at night to sleeping through the night or soothing himself back to sleep. Kellie has been a blessing for my family and I am so thankful for her and her services."

Marlene, PA

Kellie is amazing!! She helped me with my son who is 3 months old and is struggling with day time naps. She gave me so many helpful tips and a great schedule to get him in a routine. I would recommend her 100%! You can tell she truly cares and is super passionate about her business. She truly wants to help little ones and their parents. I was blown away by how she assessed our issue and discussed each thing I was concerned about in great detail. She is very knowledgeable and treats you like a friend. If your little one is struggling reach out to her, you won’t regret it!

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Holly, SC

"Kellie has helped us achieve what I thought was impossible, and is still supporting us for further improvements!


We had got into a bad cycle with our 5 month old of feeding to sleep for bedtime and naps. Evenings involved hours of nursing and being unable to place baby in his cot reliably for even an hour in the evening (he would wake and cry 30 minutes later requiring me to nurse, and again 45 minutes later) and we were waking every hour overnight (and feeding most times). We had tried a gentle Ferber method and found it very stressful, we seem to have quite a resistant baby who cried for 2 hours before sleeping and I wasn't keen to keep going without some expert guidance.


We are based in the UK, so Kellie arranged a suitable time for the initial phone call and took time to listen to our story and help guide us through. She provided a very detailed written plan with options so we could opt for the more gentle sleep training if we wanted. We did a bit of a mixture with Kellie's guidance and I was happy with this approach.


Not only did Kellie provide a plan, support and evidence based info, she was unbelievably supportive over messaging throughout the weeks that we did the training, with daily check ins to see how we had got on, as well as real time support during the actual training (a few times I nearly gave up but Kellie helped to reassure and provide options for how to continue). I would definitely have given up without this support, which would have 100% have been the wrong thing to do for our baby after a few nights of crying during the check and console process.


We are still planning to wean off all night feeds in the near future but have successfully achieved: - putting baby down awake for naps and bedtime - baby stays asleep for a few hours at least after bedtime which we had not achieved once in 5 months prior to Kellie's help - 2 or 3 wake ups in the night (having been 8!), which feels much more manageable - Kellie continues to offer advice for weaning these feeds which we will put into action when we have weaned onto solids.


I cannot recommend Kellie highly enough, it has enabled our baby to get higher quality sleep, he seems happier during the day and more refreshed when he wakes, and has allowed me to get better sleep during the night so I can focus my energy on our baby during the day!"

  Sarah, UK

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"Kellie was absolutely incredible and helped our family so much when we felt like we would never sleep again! She is so patient and kind and has been there for us every step of the way as our 2 year old learned to sleep well again. Kellie put together a plan and provided us with so many resources and has been so supportive through it all! She was our sleep angel and we can never thank her enough!!!"



I cannot recommend Kellie enough! She knew exactly what my baby needed to make the transition to sleeping through the night. My 4 month old was waking every 2-3 hours every night. Kellie made a sleep plan for her and supported me through implementation. She now wakes one time to eat and goes right back to sleep. She is professional, honest and so helpful and I am very happy with our results.

Bridget, OH

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