Sleepy Baby

Blueprint to Newborn Sleep Shaping

I help families navigate these early weeks of life with a newborn and set a healthy sleep foundation to ensure a happy and healthy balance in this journey of motherhood!

How I Help..

Establishing wake windows

Developing flexible schedules

Top 10 Tips to Establish Healthy Sleep

Feeding Tips and Tricks

1:1 Support for first 3 months

Interactive Feeding and Sleeping Log

New parents are bombarded with so much when they find out they are expecting. It gets even crazier when you bring a newborn home! Let me help make this transition less stressful by providing you with the tools necessary to establish healthy sleep habits as soon as your little one arrives!

What's Included:

  • 1 hour virtual consultation 

  • Guide to healthy sleep foundation 

  • Guide to feeding schedule, wake windows, day and night confusion

  • First 3 months you will receive 1 weekly email with support

  • 1 monthly video call for the first 3 months


You can't formally sleep train a newborn. However, it's never to early to help shape their sleep and set a good sleep foundation for your child. 


Your Investment for A Brighter Night


Payment Plans Available!

During this call we will discuss your child's sleep struggles and how I might be able to help your family back to better sleep!

Prenatal- 16 weeks