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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for my initial consult?

Please come ready to discuss your child's sleep problems. It's a good idea to write down your child's schedule (if you have one) and be ready to talk about any concerns.

Why should I hire a sleep consultant? 

There are many pieces to teaching your baby to sleep independently (or sleep training); there are many factors that will make all the pieces fall into place and this can take a lot of trial and error. Articles, books, online courses can be helpful resources to start with, but nothing compares to a professional pediatric sleep consultant! A sleep consultant offers one on one communication and an individualized sleep plan specifically for your child. They take all the guesswork out of all the articles, books, and courses you’ve read and give you a clear and precise plan. The best part of all is you have support throughout the whole sleep training process! 

Will I have to try "Cry It Out"?

Babies naturally cry when they are unhappy about something. It could be they are hungry, want a toy, or tired. They cry because this is how they communicate they are unhappy! It doesn’t always mean you are doing something wrong or not meeting their needs. Changing your baby's schedule and routine is going to frustrate the baby so yes, there will be some crying but that hopefully won’t last long.  Instead of crying, think of it as “trying” during the sleep training process. Your baby is learning how to self soothe and it will take some time for them to figure it out. I will help coach you to listen to their cry and listen for them to start “trying.” I will never have you ignore your baby's cry if it makes you uncomfortable.

Do I have to live in Fountain Inn, South Carolina to work with A Brighter Night?

Nope! The great thing about sleep consulting is it can all be done virtually. We will set up an initial discovery call that will allow me to gather more information about your baby's sleep problems. If you decide to proceed with a sleep consulting package I will develop an individualized sleep plan for your baby and schedule a 60 minute consultation video call to go over the plan and answer any other questions or concerns. After that we will have most of our communication via text messaging or email.

What makes A Brighter Night different?

I am committed to the families I help and my goal is to support your child and  family sleeping well again! Getting good rest goes a long way to accomplishing that. Your family’s health and well-being is essential. You need sleep in order to be the best parent, spouse, friend, and coworker. Your baby needs sleep for healthy development. I will not simply give you a sleep plan and leave you on your own. I will be there every step of the way to help hold you accountable throughout the process. My packages come with unlimited text messaging or emailing once our consultation has started. If a question, situation, or concern arises I will be there to help guide you through it. We are all our own worst enemy so having someone on the sidelines giving you that extra motivation and encouragement is monumental!

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