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About A Brighter Night


Kellie Davis

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

My name is Kellie Davis and I am the owner of A Brighter Night. I am a wife to Nick, and mama to Damien, JP, and Kyler. I am a certified pediatric sleep consultant through Center of Pediatric Sleep Management. I help families establish healthy sleep habits to get their children back to sleep, which in return means more sleep for mommy and daddy too! I am able to provide my services virtually so I can help families all over the world. 


I’ve been working with children for more than 15 years. I have a bachelor's degree from Northern Illinois University in Early Childhood Education. I have previously taught preschool special education for 6 years. Throughout the past 15 years I’ve learned so much about the development of babies and children. Sleep is one area that just amazes me! 

When I had my first son I never imagined how much work went into getting him to sleep through the night. I was reading book after book and was getting completely overwhelmed. Things started falling into place around 12 weeks and he was sleeping through the night! It didn’t happen overnight and there was lots of trial and error but I was so thankful for the sleepless nights to be over. When my second son came along I thought I had it all figured out… However, I quickly realized each baby is different and every method and technique doesn’t always work the same for each baby. After some more trial and error he was sleeping through the night by 14 weeks. Thankfully once my third son was born I knew to take one day at a time and had the confidence to get him sleeping through the night! 


After successfully setting good sleep foundations for my three little boys I started helping several friends with their babies sleep needs. I started to realize I loved sharing my knowledge and techniques with others. I hated hearing people say “you’ll never sleep again once you have kids.” It just isn’t true! I knew it didn’t have to be that way. Children grow so fast and the thought of all these parents missing these special early years because they were sleep deprived made me brokenhearted. I want to continue giving the gift of brighter nights to others so they can thoroughly enjoy parenthood!

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